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LaSpeaks Volumes


If you read this book and still find it in your heart to judge, you need a spirit check. It’s people out walking in the world today, scared to claim their truth because the easiest thing for people to do is to criticize before finding it in themselves to try to understand. LaShawnaé Smith, known to most as poet LaSpeaks Volumes, has found a way to strip herself Naked, for all to see, prepared for the mayhem of a response that a truth like her own would bring. She’s placed herself under the microscope to unmask flaws and the stories behind them, that many feel she’s better off hiding or being shamed of.

But instead of holding her head down in shame, she wears her flaws like badges of honor, proud that she never let her circumstances defeat purpose. Proud to say who she is, all the while acknowledging that who she is today wouldn’t have been if it were not for the mistakes and experiences of her past. She’s who she is without a care anymore, in hopes that her strength to come forward in truth ill strengthen and set others free from their fears of revealing their true selves, including her own family and friends. Finally letting go and pressing forward, she stands fearless, flawed, and phenomenal. She stands unapologetically NAKED.