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Hello, my name is Jordan Dixon, but you can call me Written Wrose; a name I gave myself when I began developing a deeper connection to my writing. I write from a place of love, happiness, transparency, and at times, vulnerability. I have always been good at writing, but did not begin taking it seriously until my first few years of college, which was a time of learning, confusion, adaptation, and ultimately, a journey into more understanding. I was born in Long Beach, Ca, but have spent most of my childhood and adulthood in Carson, Ca, (Del Amo to be exact). I obtained my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Child and Adolescent Development from CSU- Northridge in 2016, and continued my education in School Counseling at CSU-Dominguez Hills (May- 2019).

In addition to my educational background and experience, I am also the founder of my brand Wroses, which was established in August 2016. Wroses has evolved from a brand to a mentality and lifestyle if you will. I aim to inspire people to believe in themselves and create the life they desire to live. I believe that with a Vision+ Passion, anything is possible. I have been fortunate enough to create my own platform of expression by establishing my own Poetry Shows called, “AllThingsWrosey”. This platform provides myself and other creators with the opportunity to be free to be themselves and network with one another. Additionally, I published my 1st chapbook of Inspirational and Self- Help quotes and journal entries about Identity, Growth, Passion and Love called Written Wroses in August of 2017. I am a mentor and motivational speaker for students and individuals seeking the inspiration and empowerment to pursue their dreams. My main purpose in life has been to serve as a positive and powerful force in the lives of those I meet, while also continuing my evolution and journey of self development, improvement, and achievement. I have many plans for my future, and expectations of abundance, fulfillment, and everything else the Universe has for me. My hope is to always be in a state of growth, self- reflection, and maintain my humility and strength in the face of adversity.

“Time is infinite, so why at times do we feel like we’ll run out of it? Pace yourself, and know that it’s totally okay to start fresh”.


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