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Carlyle Enterprises LLC, a family run publishing company, officially opened in April of 2016.

Designed to publish novels, magazines, brochures, booklets/pamphlet, works of art and many more, Carlyle Enterprises is there for you.



To manifest artistic gifts, publish reading materials, and promote art for both the young and seasoned community.


Dr. Jacqueline Carlyle

Director and Editor who enjoys reading all types of novels, nonfiction, and children’s learning materials. Her passion however lies in the romance genre.


Darrion Theodore Carlyle

Program Coordinator, Publicity Manager and editor is an avid reader of fantasy and young adult novels. He has a passion for film and drama. His all-time favorite book is Down By The Creek by [DTC].


Devon Carlyle 

Production Manager and editor loves nonfiction text and his all-time favorite is anything related to travel.


Gregory A. Carlyle 

Editor, Communication and Social Media Manager enjoys reading nonfiction and fiction of all genres. His passion is writing, drama and public speaking.


Jeremy Carlyle

Editor, Business and Marketing Manager, loves reading fantasy novels and has a passion for film and athletic materials.


Jheanine Carlyle 

Editor and Communications Manager enjoys young adult fiction and has a passion for young adult issues and romance.